January 4th, 2011

Woke up in PAIN, rather than that weird throbbing warm feeling that comes before the pain. Shoulders, elbows, wrists, small joints in my hands, already aching. Headache and shoulder/spine pain is setting now. I’ve only been awake for half and hour and my pain levels are skyrocketing. Will have to take some meds as soon as I can get some food in my stomach. Will be working for 3 hours this morning due to a co worker having a mishap with her 4 year old. This also makes me want to cry. Will update later, but so far today is being rated at an 8, heading quickly into a 9.


Sometimes I think I need somebody to break my legs so I actually STOP moving. Today started bad, and the three hours of work I talked myself into ramped the pain factor up to a 10 or 11. And of course I forgot my meds at home. Nabbed 2 EZ Tylenol from a beloved friend and coworker while AT work. Took some heavier stuff when I got home. But none of it is helping. Thinking I should stop taking the Motrin so I can take a Celebrex tomorrow. Am also seriously considering NOT going to work tomorrow, just need the list of numbers from work so I can call people. There isn’t much to say really about today, except that I’m a dumbass. That “blanket” pain effect again, my spine/shoulders feel like it’s on fire and disintegrating, except its was excruciating, and the rest of my body throbbed. So literally, everything hurt. Headache, nausea, stiffness, NO energy, little to no strength, VERY cranky. All the meds I took today did nothing. Put the hot water bottle on my neck/shoulders/back when I got home. That helped a bit. Slept for almost 3 hours. My mid back hurts now and I’m not sure if it’s my angry colon or what, I thought I ate pretty well today. Needless to say today was a write off, I SHOULD have stayed home and slept. Tomorrow is counselling and finding someone to cover my shift.

Pain Level: 8-11

Medication: 2 x ES Tylenol, 4 x Tylenol1/Codeine, 1 x Super Strength Motrin

Supplements: Did a piss poor job of remembering to take my supplements today, but got a few in

Diet:water, tall Starbucks Mocha, tall Starbucks Chai tea latte, cheese and mushroom roll, mushroom curry with rice, meat chili with rice, potato chips(small handful), 2 butter tarts, 1 cup black tea with milk and honey


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