January 3rd, 2011

Have the general throbbing achey feeling again, pain is quickly igniting in my shoulders. Headaches is starting already. I’d rate the morning around 7. Feeling slow, creaky, and needy. We will see how the day transpires.

Bringing my own teas and snacks to work today to help avoid eating and drinking crap.



Written the morning of the 4th, of course!

The day was busy and full of cleaning. Usual suspects: headache, nausea, pain, stiffness, tingling in fingers and shoulders, easily fatigued. Once again by the time I lay down I was a mess. REALLY need to stop pushing myself so hard. I simply CANNOT do it anymore. This makes me want to cry. When I lay down the headache and nausea slowly eased, only to have that “blanket” pain return. Had to toss and turn to find a comfortable spot.  I rate the rest of ym day at the now familiar 8.

Medication: 2 x Tylenol 1/Codeine, 3 x SUPER Strength Motrin (400 mg each), 2 x Apo Hydroxyquine, 15mg Cipralex

Supplements: ALL supplements taken

Diet: 2 cups cardamon black tea, water, cinnamon scone, corn cakes and peanut butter, chicken sandwich on turkish bread, potato chips, 1 small reeses peanut butter cup

**Guts were pretty well behaved yesterday, guess thats a bonus right?


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