January 2nd, 2011

Technically I’m writing this on the morning of the 3rd, shows you how well I was feeling yesterday.

Woke up with the usual general achey feeling, slightly less painful than the day before. Just that weird pulsing, throbbing feeling the is the precursor of pain to come. It’s like I can feel the inflammation building as I begin to move around. It freaks me out. Worked a short shift. Felt relatively well. Was moving slower than usual but was just generally achey. SO the majority of the day was a 6. That was until about 3pm when all Hell broke loose in my body. I suppose at that point between, waking up early to get a head start on my nephews cake, working, and then coming home to finish the monsters cake was about as much as my body was willing to do. As we left the house to go to the party a mild heacache accompanied by nausea kicked in, which got progressively worse until about 7pm, where i could barely move or keep my eyes open. It was around this time that the pain in my upper torso began to increase. By the end of the day i was back up to an 8. I lay down when we got home which made the headache and nausea better but that just seemed to make the pain in my upper torso worse. Or maybe with the other symptoms gone I focused more in the pain and such. Who knows. I fell asleep around 8pm.
As far as my guts go, they were very displeased with me. Too much tasting of the buttercream, cake, and pastry cream the night before. Had also been eating the Cape Seed products at work, thinking that it was my best option. Better than not eating at all. Then I found out that they ADD tons of GLUTEN to those products. And my colon also reminded me that seeds, especially to that degree are a BAD idea.

SO overall yesterday SUCKED. Except for seeing my family. That was awesome.

Medication: 2 x Tylenol 1’s w/Codeine and 1 Motrin(these did NOTHING), 2 x Apo Hydroxyquine, 15mg Cipralex

Supplements: All supplements except Calcium were take(Will post a reference list later)

Diet: LARGE Earl Grey Tea with sugar and milk, water, 2 Fit to Go Bars(COBS), various junk food and one piece of pepperoni and bacon pizza


One thought on “January 2nd, 2011

  1. Yikes!!!
    That is a huge day of suck!
    The work is bad enough but yeah, the food in there…shudder!
    (you might want to look at the ingredients in those COBS bars because if it’s anything at all like the bars at college, it’s a mix of all sorts of other crap)

    *mentally wills Ange to lie down*

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