Goals for 2015 – After Narcissistic Abuse


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There’s no time like the new year to create a NEW YOU after narcissistic abuse.  

in 2015 I will

With all the confusion and depression a thing of the past, we’ve got so much time and bandwidth available to us, we can have trouble knowing where to start setting goals or to decide what it is we truly want. Finally, many of us haven’t believed ourselves worthy of focus and have thus always put our desires last to everyone else in our lives; especially narcissists.

Exercise 1 

Let’s take a look at the areas of our lives we can explore when considering goals pertinent to our abusive experiences with a narcissist:

Financial 2074735
Physical health
Personal development


What areas above have suffered?
What areas have you neglected in order to take care of others but need to focus on now?
What area causes you the most stress and upset?


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Eye Twitch = Stress

I get this twitch in my eyelid when I’m stressed, sometimes both eyelids. It drives me bonkers. The weather is kicking my butt right now and that coupled with married life with a toddler and the usual daily struggles of life and things get a little hairy. Yuletide is coming as well, which unfortunately is quite stressful for me. Blarg!

Technical Difficulty Please Stand By


I have Fibro not CFS but this totally describes my brain when things get bad.

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A couple of weeks ago, I lost my head. It happens sometimes.

I call it spaghetti brain, and it happens when I’m in a crash or when I’ve overdone it somehow. My body gives out, and then my mind follows suit. I had a stressful few weeks and my mental agility dulled until I could hardly say my own name without stumbling over it. It’s difficult to explain, but when these cognitive issues flare up,  trying to think and speak makes me feel like a car with the gas and the break petals pressed to the floor at the same time. My thoughts come fast but fragmented, my words emerge slow and tumble over each other, and half the time the wrong words come out altogether. My brain feels like it’s on fire, and so many times I’ve had to just sit in a dark quiet room to cool it down…

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Right Hand/Wrist Issues

This is becoming a problem.



It’s been a long time since I’ve seen actual swelling. Being on immune suppressant drugs daily and anti-inflammatories as needed I don’t see it often. I see my Rheumatologist on the 13th, I will be addressing it with her then. It doesn’t just hurt, pain in and of itself has rarely made me worry. Losing strength does.

March 25th, 2014

Pain Level: 8

I’m very tired today, body feels weak and shaky, kind of like when you get the flu. Hands and wrists are moderately painful. The “knot” where shoulders, neck and back meet is throbbing, not super painful because I am laying down but it will if I do too much. Eyes have been really dry.
Shoulders,neck and upper back have been really bad over the last few days. Hips have been extremely painful. Knee’s and ankles a dull throb. Ugh. On day two of Naproxen (500mg twice a day), hopefully in another couple days I will feel better.